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Fun Child Portraits – United 2014 [Santa Barbara, CA]

Fun Child Portraits

Oh let there be fun!  Every year in and around the beaches of sunny Santa Barbara, CA David Jay and his team put on a heck of a user community conference at the Fess Parker Inn.  Not only a wonderful property in a wonderful location but it was filled with truly wonderful people.  I went to this conference last year and learned so much it was amazing.  This year I learned even more and I can’t wait to see it translate into booking more clients and being able to show them the moments I capture in their lives.

I am going to share a number of photos from the week but my very first shoot was with Eva Deitch and Jessica Eileen Drogosz.  We were focused on fun child portraits.  Both Eva and Jessica are amazing photographers and the wisdom they shared with this concept fun child portraits was amazing.  They were moment seekers and story tellers.  They wanted to show those “pure” moments of kids just being kids.  I loved some of the advice they had for dealing with parents and kids.  It is easy as parent to forget that the things we love most about our children are seldom the photos where we say, “smile”.  Eva and Jessica really just let the kids have fun and play.  They ran around on the beach and we chased them.  There was a little direction and help from Eva and Jessica but for the most part they let the kids do what they want.  The parents were watching from afar.  Here are just a few photos from this fun child portrait session.