Kayla and Chris Save the Date Photo Session

Had and unbelievably great time with Chris and Kayla taking their photos at Corriganville Regional Park in Simi Valley.  One of the most critical times for a photographer happens long before the day of the wedding.  As a photographer of people it is much easier to take pictures of people when you know something about them.  At Luminary Photo we find it extremely difficult to show up the day of your wedding and make you look great.  We insist on an engagement session so that we can get to know you and understand how you smile, what your good side is and the like.  When we do this we know that when we photograph your big day we capture all the love and joy of the day and make you look great.  Kayla and Chris opted to have our “Save the Date” session as well as the engagement session and these photos were the outcome.  This is a short quick session where we are able to take some photos so that you can send out a quick postcard to your likely guests to save the date of your upcoming marriage.  Enjoy and feel free to let me know your thoughts on the photos.

Kayla-Chris-Wedding-Photo (2 of 11)Kayla-Chris-Wedding-Photo (8 of 11)Kayla-Chris-Wedding-Photo (4 of 11)Kayla-Chris-Wedding-Photo (11 of 11)