Make a Connection

Love is BlueYour Photographer performs a multitude of roles at your wedding or event.  We play event planners, time keppers, smile makers and a whole host of other things.  In my many years of business I have turned down many brides.  It wasn’t always because there was a scheduling conflict, but there wasn’t a connection.  Over the years I can honestly say that most of my brides and grooms are still friends.  We aren’t best friends or anything but we enjoy interacting socially and have a good time when we talk.

As a photographer it is immensely important to have a connection with the bride and groom and vice versa.  Without that connection good photos are difficult and great photos are impossible.  When you meet with your photographer make sure you are comfortable with them.  Do they have a personality that you can work with?  Is it someone who you feel like yeah I would like to sit down at dinner and just talk to them?

We at Luminary Photo would love to sit down with you and find out if we have a connection so that we can make the pictures of your wedding great.  Contact us at Luminary Photo.