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Lightroom 3 by Adobe systems is out.  Being a digital photographer this is a must have tool for me.  Having been part of the Lightroom 3 Beta I have fallen in love with this program all over again.  This is a program that I think everyone who takes a lot of pictures should be using.  With this new version I am so excited about a couple of great features, though there are more than I can list out here.  My first favorite feature is the new tethered feature.  This means that when I am doing portraits or a product shoot I can see things on the laptop as I am capturing pictures.

My other favorite feature is the new vignette feature.  Instead of just simply painting black to darken the edges of a photo and draw the attention of the viewer to center.  Adobe has made the vignettes sensitive to highlights and color.  It makes for a much better effect and it looks so much better.  I will try putting up a sample of the new vignettes later in the week.

If you want to learn more about Lightroom or Photoshop I can’t recommend Kelby Training or Photoshop User Magazine enough.  If you want to watch Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski show off some of the other new features check out the Lightroom 3 Learning Center.  I love their stuff and they always do a great job explaining the new features of the latest Adobe products.  Lightroom is one of those tools as a photographer that I just couldn’t live without.  Have questions drop me an email at Luminary Photo or hit up my contact page at LuminaryPhoto.com.