The First Time

So here it is again I am trying the blog for Luminary Photo.  This Blog is going to cover three main areas.  One, I want to help those of you out there that are looking to be better photographers.  I don’t know everything about photography, but I know a lot.  I think if I ever stop learning or being excited by it then I likely won’t do it any more, so ask me your questions and I will see what I can answer along with the community.  Two, I want to share the great clients that I take pictures of.  Three, I am going to re-post interesting articles that I find about photography.

I think as time goes on there will be more that gets put here but let’s start with that.  Look for posts once a week or whenever there is a client photograph that I want to share with you.  I will try and keep up with a regular posting schedule of Thursday.

Tell me what you want to hear about and I will see about using your question as a topic to a larger discussion.  Please enjoy and have fun!